Artworks Exhibition

Poly Culture Art Center is the only platform for Poly Culture Group to exhibit, display and operate Chinese artworks in North America. Poly Group North America will also present local North American artworks to Chinese art lovers, strengthen intercultural communication and build a cultural exchange platform between China and Canada.

Art Salon

In September 2015, Poly Culture North America successfully held the first “Sheng Shi Shou Cang” Poly Culture Art Appreciation Salon at Royal Center in downtown Vancouver. We invited experts from mainland China to share their insights into art appreciation, collection appraisal and investment. During the event, we displayed 20 china from Ming and Qing Dynasty, and 12 famous Chinese calligraphy works.

Poly Culture North America plans to hold art salons quarterly and big artworks appreciation activities twice a year. We will choose a specific topic each time and invite experts in these areas to give in-depth lectures on antique identification and collection, etc. By doing this, we will be able to focus on our target clients, promote the brand of Poly Culture, instill in potential clients a greater sense of appreciation for artworks, build strong relationships with high-end clients for Poly’s auction business, and create a good atmosphere to explore overseas artworks market.

Artworks Solicitation and Operation

After the grand opening of Poly Culture Art Center, Poly Culture North America will use it as a base to actively connect and communicate with local artists and collectors, and change the artworks solicitation and acquisition pattern from twice a year to regular collection. Meanwhile, we will sell high-end artworks, including paintings and calligraphy, and provide artworks collection, appraisal and authentication related services to North American art lovers.

Poly Culture Art Center Vancouver 

Hours of Operations:

Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00AM – 5:00PM